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What It Means to Be an Advanced Practitioner

The term “Advanced Practitioner” applies to medical professionals that, as a group, are non-physician clinicians. This group includes nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), and certified registered nurse assistants (CRNAs).

Advanced practice medicine finds its roots in the 1960s and the inception of the NP role. Though nurse anesthetists and nurse midwives had already been established some 20 years earlier, a significant doctor shortage at that time was the impetus for creating the role of the advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) as a provider of primary care. In the decades since, advanced practice has expanded to include additional roles for non-physician clinicians.

Advanced practitioners undergo comprehensive training that begins with earning a bachelor of science degree. Depending on state licensing requirements, practitioners go on to complete graduate and/or doctoral programs pertinent to their specialties. Their training is nearly identical to what physicians undergo except for the amount of time spent in clinicals.

Examples of advanced practice specialties include:

  • Adult gerontology acute care
  • Adult gerontology primary care
  • Family practice
  • Pediatrics
  • Women’s health
  • Psychiatric/mental health

An Invaluable Asset for Healthcare

Advanced practitioners are an invaluable asset to healthcare in the United States. As such, advanced practitioners are filling roles in public health clinics, at hospitals, in private practices, and even in their own practices where allowed by state law.

The ongoing physician shortage has created incredible opportunities for advanced practitioners. As such, they are playing a greater role in ensuring that Americans receive the quality care they need and deserve.

Advanced Practitioner Work Environments

The work environments available to advanced practitioners vary by state due to differences in state law. There is a growing movement across the U.S. to standardize licensing and scope of practice among advanced practitioners, allowing them to provide care outside of the direct supervision of physicians.

Professional organizations like the AANP and AAPA are also giving voice to advanced practitioners of all specialties. They are working with the medical profession and government leaders to advance state legislation that brings uniformity, state licensure compacts, and other improvements to the advanced practice working environment.

Locum Tenens Opportunities

The high demand for advanced practitioners throughout the medical industry has created an environment in which jobs are available for both permanent placement and locum tenens practitioners. The locum tenens field is especially attractive in what it offers:

  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Travel opportunities
  • Licensing and credentialing assistance
  • Assignment screening
  • More control over schedule
  • Ongoing learning opportunities
  • Paid travel, housing, and liability insurance

Locum tenens practice also offers a number of intangible benefits as well. Locum tenens practitioners increase their overall knowledge, acquire new skillsets, and have opportunities to work in various settings that expose them to different kinds of people and new ways of doing things. Working as a locum tenens practitioner is an excellent way to broaden one’s horizons as a medical professional.

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