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The Locum Tenens Story

The story of the locum tenens clinician is one that goes back decades to a time when temporary staffing was virtually unheard of. ‘Locum tenens’ is a Latin phrase that literally means “to hold the place.” It was adopted to describe medical staffing, whereby locum tenens physicians came in to perform the work of other physicians who were on temporary leave.

The locum tenens concept has since grown as physician staffing shortages prevail and physicians continue to seek professional career options. Nearly every major healthcare facility now employs locum tenens clinicians at various points throughout the year. Some facilities rely heavily on locum staffing 52 weeks of the year.

Locum Tenens for Clinicians

Working as a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner or CRNA in the modern era offers many employment opportunities including locums tenens assignments. Locum tenens clinicians consist of healthcare professionals who:

  • Work full-time and want to bring in some extra income;
  • Are looking for a change in lifestyle and new experience;
  • Take locum tenens assignments at a variety of healthcare facilities after residency to gain valuable experience;
  • Work locum tenens as a means of transitioning to retirement and to keep active professionally during retirement;
  • Prefer a career in locum tenens rather than more traditional physician job; and
  • Work locum tenens while searching for a permanent physician job.

Benefits of Locum Tenens Staffing

Locum tenens staffing has grown considerably in the last decade as more healthcare facilities and clinicians have come to learn the benefits it offers including:

  • Paid travel, housing, and liability insurance
  • Professional assistance with licensing and credentialing
  • Assignment screening to match clinicians with the right assignments
  • The opportunity to travel as much as the clinician desires
  • An opportunity to practice medicine without the administrative burdens
  • Opportunities to control one’s own schedule
  • Extensive learning opportunities through new work environments and patient contacts
  • Excellent compensation typically more than traditional employment.

Our number one priority at TIVA Healthcare is to provide the best locum tenens job for our clinicians that are the right fit for their experience and needs.

Locum Tenens - A Physician Shortage Solution

The United States is facing a healthcare staffing shortage, specifically a shortage of physicians. Locum tenens staffing is an effective staffing solution for healthcare facilities and professional service organizations.

Locum tenens physicians, CRNAs, nurse practitioners and physician assistants can help fill staffing gaps from one day to one year depending on a hospital’s need for coverage. For example, a hospital may need a surgeon to fill in for a staff surgeon planning to take a six-month sabbatical. Another hospital across the state may need a few hospitalists until permanent employees can be hired.

TIVA Healthcare can meet these staffing needs regardless of time limit or scope. Our locum tenens solutions are ideal for placing physicians wherever they are needed, whenever the need arises. TIVA’s on-demand healthcare staffing solutions means we are always prepared to provide coverage for our clients to manage their patient care needs.

It may have been hard to fathom, back in the 70s and 80s, that locum tenens staffing would play such a significant role in the modern healthcare industry. But that day has arrived and locum tenens is now here to stay. TIVA Healthcare is committed to making sure that our physicians are ready to meet the demand of our healthcare clients so all patients benefit from the continuity and quality care they deserve.

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