30 second quiz: think you know what Locum Tenens is all about?

August 26, 2015 - 4 minutes read


You may know that locum tenens professionals work short-term assignments to fill employee gaps at hospitals, clinics and other facilities. You may have heard good things, bad things or a mixture of both about this type of work. But odds are that much of what you’ve heard may be outdated information.

Take this 30-second quiz and put your knowledge to the test. The results may surprise you.

True or False? Experienced physicians and practitioners usually get the best pay rates

Answer: FALSE. Most people wrongly assume the highest-paying assignments are only reserved for those with years of experience. However, even recent graduates can earn more than an experienced provider if:

  • There’s a shortage in your specialty
  • You’re open to working in rural or underserved areas
  • You have extra scheduling availability and/or are willing to travel

True or False? Staff employees at most facilities resent locum tenens professionals

Answer: FALSE. Shortages of qualified medical professionals are at critical levels across many specialty areas and U.S. regions. There are thousands of overworked, exhausted staff employees who are welcoming locum tenens providers with open arms. They’ve seen that locum tenens support brings saner scheduling and more balanced patient loads; critical coverage for medical leaves, maternity leaves and staff vacations; and expanded resources during peak patient workloads. This is much-needed relief for onsite staff.

True or False? Locum tenens jobs can accelerate your long-term career success

Answer: TRUE. Years ago, some healthcare employers believed a full-time facility staff employee was always the stronger hiring choice over a locum tenens professional. Not anymore. The healthcare landscape has changed dramatically. Locum tenens professionals are particularly skilled at understanding and navigating today’s most pressing challenges:

  • Proven flexibility: Successful locum tenens professionals easily adapt to changing procedures and expectations. That’s a challenge hospitals and clinics continuously face themselves and they value that ability in their employees.
  • Excellent Teamwork: Successful locum tenens candidates know how to quickly build productive working relationships. That’s a professional skill every employer values and has difficulty finding in candidates.
  • Broader Experience: Locum tenens providers have worked in a variety of care settings, side by side with many different physicians and medical specialists. This gives them a wider perspective and visibility that some long-term facility staffers lack.

Ready to try locum tenens work? Choose your agency wisely…

You want a firm that maintains long-standing relationships at respected hospitals and clinics. You also want an involved partner who will ask in-depth questions about your preferred care environments and roles, then listen attentively to your answers. This maximizes your chances of landing assignments that are a good fit and keep you growing professionally.


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