5 Questions Every Physician Should Ask Before Choosing a Locum Tenens Company

July 7, 2015 - 3 minutes read


  1. Will they be your advocate? It’s too easy to end up unnoticed beneath a stack of CVs on someone’s desk. Ask the company about their specific process for marketing candidates. Will they speak directly with a hospital decision maker about you before sending your CV? Will they follow up? Who are their key contacts in your desired facility or medical specialty?
  2. Do they listen carefully to your needs? A good locum tenens firm listens closely to what you want and value most. They’re not just trying to fill a gap – they are committed to finding the best match for you and for the client facility. Only by listening very carefully, will they understand who you are; where you’ll best fit; and which opportunities are the right match for your personal priorities.
  3. Do they have a high referral rate? Once a physician finds the right locum tenens firm that treats him or her well, they tend to stay with that firm and refer colleagues. Once a facility administrator experiences the rewards of top-quality, well-matched candidates, the significant time and money saved keeps facilities loyal to those candidates for the long haul. Ask your company about the growth rate of their referral base; it’s a critical performance measure. Additionally, does the locum tenens firm offer referral bonuses to you for bringing on new physicians to the locum team? See what additional benefits you may get out of referring a colleague.
  4. Can they support your credentialing and travel needs? Do they have in-house credentialing support to make the credentialing process much faster and more efficient? If you are traveling to the assignment, will they offer travel services to find the right flight, hotel and rental car for your stay?
  5. Will they be there for you during assignments? The right locum tenens firm is your professional partner: promptly responding to any questions or concerns. They should proactively follow up with you once you’re on assignment to make sure you’re comfortable and all is going well. They should be flexible to accommodate your schedule and reachable after business hours. They should make you feel valued and appreciated at all times.

It’s tempting to go with the first locum tenens company that answers your call and has assignments at the ready. But a little screening time can yield a far more satisfying outcome.

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