From Stop Gap Staffing to Locum Tenen Strategic Success

August 7, 2015 - 3 minutes read

Boost safety and efficiency through a more evolved Locum Tenens partnership.

Minimizing physician burnout. Balancing patient ratios. Ensuring consistently high-quality care. Whether you work at a national hospital chain, urgent care center, ASC, or busy physician group, these are operational challenges all facilities share.

When urgent staffing gaps occur, most administrators rely on one or more Locum Tenens firms to quickly cover their most pressing needs. And that’s certainly a smart, effective choice.

However, Locum Tenens can offer you even more value and support

What if you could solve many of your challenging staffing issues, so that you wouldn’t need stop-gap solutions as often? Building the right Locum Tenens partnership can accomplish both: meeting short-term needs and helping you manage staffing more evenly over the long term.

Deeper operational understanding…

Working with a dedicated Locum Tenens partner allows deeper knowledge and understanding of your operation’s mission, challenges, and pain points. Your partner can then provide you with more insightful analysis, which in turn, helps you anticipate care needs more accurately to reduce overstaffing or understaffing risk; physician burnout; and unsafe patient ratios.

Tailored credentialing…

When you work with a dedicated Locum Tenens partner whose stringent credentialing mirrors the same standards hospitals use and trust…that also enhances results significantly. Not only will you save time on candidate searches, but you’ll be helping to ensure a higher level of care that could reduce costly liability risks.

Customized Recruitment Planning…

No two facilities have the same staffing or recruiting needs…and every facility’s needs change. A dedicated Locum Tenens partner can work with you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you aspire to be, while customizing recruiting strategies every step of the way to reflect your specific business mission, operation, location, and environment.

Locum Tenens support is an outstanding resource for urgent staffing gaps. But the right partner can also be your powerful ally in making those last-minute situations a less-frequent occurrence.

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