Hiring Managers: Get Better Recruiting Results with this Quick Checklist

December 3, 2015 - 3 minutes read

Hiring Managers: Get Better Recruiting Results with this Quick Checklist

Labor is usually a healthcare provider’s single biggest operating expense. According to Healthcare Insights LLC, it can exceed 50% of operating costs and 90% of variable costs for many facilities. [1].  Add in high turnover and those costs skyrocket even further.

That’s why building the right workforce staffing partnership can impact your financial performance in a big way. Unfortunately, so can the wrong one.  This checklist covers the most important screening questions to ask in helping you evaluate a potential staffing partner before you hire them:


  • Will your prospective staffing partner work closely with you to fill your job opening?
  • Can the agency offer deep insight into your business and industry?
  • Does the staffing firm maintain an effective and efficient qualifying process when speaking to candidates about specific positions?


  • Can this potential workforce partner offer complete Primary Source Verifications on Locum Tenens candidates prior to the expense of a face-to face interview?



  • Does the agency have a very low turnover rate due to the quality of their placements?
  • Will the firm follow up to ensure your satisfaction with the people in your department?


There’s a big difference between a recruiter and an integrated workforce partner. The latter strives to optimize your staffing strategy to reflect your specific needs. A true partner is attuned to the ebbs and flows of your business. They can respond quicker and more effectively because they understand your organization. They bring both customized guidance and top-quality providers to the table. The result: you not only get proper coverage to avoid care risks and revenue losses, but also cut your staffing costs.

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1. The Evidence is Clear: Analytics Key to Controlling Labor Costs 2014 white paper published by Healthcare Insights. www.hcillc.com.