Staffing Up For Anticipated Shortages To Come

November 4, 2015 - 3 minutes read


Analysts report newly insured patients are driving locum tenens growth across specialties

According to global industry advisor, Staffing Industry Analysts, hiring managers will be increasingly relying upon locum tenens support over the next five years. This isn’t just driven by aging population statistics, but also by higher numbers of newly insured patients, now at 17.6 million as of September, 2015. [FOOT NOTE 1.]

Staffing Industry Analysts reports more providers needing support in these large and growing areas:

  • Hospitalist
  • Emergency medicine
  • Primary care doctors

Other areas, while smaller in total volume, are also showing fast growth:

  • Nurse practitioners
  • Physician assistants

Leading a hospital or clinic right now?

There’s no need to wait until these trends threaten your patient care ratio and workload: your chosen staffing partner should already have a proactive plan in place to protect your organization as a core part of their service expertise.

A successful workforce partner strives to be actively engaged in your scheduling and forecasting meetings. They listen carefully to your action plans and offer experienced guidance to inform your future planning. They participate in quarterly business review sessions. They do all this so they’re ready to protect your business interests. They’ll have the right candidates for your care needs and culture, while your competitors could be scrambling last minute to fill the void.

Whether you’ll need extra help two weeks, two months or two years from now, an integrated locum tenens partnership reduces stress and puts a more strategic game plan in place today, so you aren’t forced to rely upon last-minute tactics.

Are you a physician or healthcare practitioner? Smart steps to take…

Whether you work locum tenens assignments now or have considered trying it, take a close look at how your training matches up to the largest or fastest-growing areas. Could it be the right time to upgrade your training or specialize in a different care niche? The better your skills will fit future demand, the higher your pay rates and the better your choices of assignments will be over the lifetime of your professional career.

Source: Health and Human Services Dept data, as published here:

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