The 4 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Hospital’s Partners

June 10, 2016 - 3 minutes read

The 4 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Your Hospital’s Partners

For hospital leadership looking to partner with an on-demand contingent solutions group, our best advice is to make sure your goals are aligned with those of your potential partner. Below we discuss four questions a hospital leader can ask to evaluate a potential partner.

Q: What is my hospital’s mission? How will a partner help me achieve that mission?

A: Administratively, TIVA’s leadership establishes a bond with our partners and comes to understand your hospital, its mission, community, and the community’s needs. Once we’re versed in your mission, we collaborate to deliver industry-leading healthcare solutions to help you achieve demonstrable, measurable excellence.

Q: Are the lines of communication open in both directions between my hospital’s leadership and the partner’s leadership?

A: Communication is effortless and constantly open between TIVA and our partners. Fore instance, the chair of a partnering hospital’s anesthesia department can reach out to our corporate chair of anesthesiology 24/7 to discuss operations.

Part of how we achieve a partner’s mission is through persistent improvement of process and communication. We enable physician/clinician success on the front lines by fully building, deploying and maintaining business intelligence systems.

Q: Is my partner engaged with what I am trying to accomplish at my hospital?

A: TIVA is fully aligned under the affordable care act and focused on meeting the objectives of our partners.

We have a firm belief in becoming a partner not just with the facilities but with the communities we serve. We work closely with partner leadership, the families of patients and our staff to provide the highest level of healthcare in order to enhance our communities.

Q: Does my partner have a culture that is focused on safety, hospital efficiency, and quality care?

A: At TIVA, our culture sees us working in a collegial, collaborative way to address process changes that would reduce cost per case—without negatively affecting quality of care or safety.
We measure success by looking at safety and good quality care. That’s why we provide sub-specialization and the best-qualified best-trained practitioners in every category of healthcare.

Our partners find that our dedication makes for a very easy working relationship. Perhaps TIVA’s greatest value is that we produce exactly what we say we will.