Three Tips to Land more Satisfying Locum Tenens Assignments

September 1, 2015 - 4 minutes read


One major benefit of locum tenens over permanent placement is the sheer variety of assignment options, even within the most narrow of practice specialties. Whether you’re already a locum tenen professional or considering it for the first time, these three tips can help you land the most rewarding assignments.

Understand your needs
You are more than clinical skills on a CV. You bring unique strengths, personality and preferences to every assignment.

  • At first, challenge yourself to explore different locum tenens roles. You may surprise yourself by thriving in environments or roles you didn’t initially expect to like.
  • Once you gain a deeper understanding of where you best fit, choose a locum tenens agency that invests the time to find you the right matches.
  • Think about what you like: smaller, close-knit rural practices? Larger, higher-profile urban teaching hospitals? Something in-between? Are you inspired by a particular facility culture or leader? The better you convey your preferences, the more rewarding your assignments will be.

2. Strengthen your CV
Most decision makers see your CV before they ever see you. Many candidates miss great assignments by overlooking important details or failing to provide what decision makers need. Here are a few CV tips:

  • If you’re a practicing provider, show work history first, then education and training. If you’re seeking your first job, show training first, then education.
  • Make sure all contact numbers, email and licensing information is updated and easy to find.

3. Improve your interview
Most people don’t interview for a job every day: we all need practice. A telephone interview can be especially challenging. You can’t see your interviewer’s facial expressions or body language; nor they yours. Tips for a strong phone interview:

  • Choose a quiet place for your call with no background noise or interruptions.
  • Practice by recording your voice. Do you sound clear and confident? Are you speaking too quickly or slowly? Do you have a “smile” in your voice?
  • Listen more than you speak. You can pick up on needs or frustrations “between the lines” that your interviewer may not be saying outright. This lead to smarter follow up questions.
  • If interested, ask about next steps before ending the call. Don’t assume your interviewer knows you want the role. Find more tips to ace your next interview in this “Interview Flight Checklist”.

Like any meaningful achievement, the more effort you’re willing to invest, the more rewarding your locum tenens assignments will be. Think carefully about what you want, then pursue it with a dedicated locum tenens partner, an exceptional CV, and strong interviewing skills to stand out among other candidates.

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